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Obyací pokoj Tišnov


Entry:Design and implementationliving room rooms ​

Place: Tišnov


Year: 2021

Details: In this project, I was tasked with designing a living room for a young couple with a baby. The goal was to design a functional but modern living room, but it was necessary to respect the existing equipment - the floor in wood decor and the existing kitchen. 


So I decided to go the route of a contrasting black cabinet with a TV table in wooden decor. Behind the television itself, I designed a wall made of wooden slats. The battening is mirrored on the opposite wall behind the sofa and is complemented here by striking wallpaper in earthy tones. LED lighting, which creates a pleasant atmosphere in every modern space, was also a must.


To balance the darker shades of the wall and the kitchen, I complemented the rest of the living room with a lighter sofa and a dominant wooden dining table.  The curtains soften the overall impression of the design.

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