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OFadding:Attic bathroom study 



Year: 2021

Details: The client's assignment was to create a clean, timeless design for the attic bathroom. Water distribution

and the wastes were already finished, so the floor plan was almost finished.

In the design, we combined large-format cladding

in beige color with a white herringbone mosaic. 

This mosaic is decorated with a circular mirror, which is illuminated by an LED strip.  The modern look is further enhanced by the heating plate, which I used here instead of the classic ladder heating. 

I then used wood in the grey-beige oak decor for the sink cabinet, which is also repeated in the corner area near the toilet. 


We chose the faucet in a golden color, which is very suitable for a white and beige modern bathroom. Thanks to her, the space looks more luxurious. 

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